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Bigfoot Behavior and Actions

Here is a list of the many types of bigfoot behavior I have noticed while reading through several thousand bigfoot sightings reports posted on bigfoot research websites

This bigfoot behavior list is condensed from the statements of bigfoot witnesses regarding their perceptions of the behavior displayed by bigfoots during the witnesses encounters with one or more bigfoots.
None of the reports this bigfoot behavior list links to have been verified by myself through direct contact with report witnesses/authors. However, many of the report witnesses/authors have been interviewed by members of the various bigfoot research organizations on whose bigfoot websites these bigfoot sightings are posted.
There may be fraudulent bigfoot reports in the mix, but only the report witnesses/authors will ever know that. So, as they so commonly say in the bigfoot research community, wear your skepticals when reading bigfoot sighting reports ....

Click on a behavior or action to go to the originating bigfoot sighting report.
-- male and female jabbering to each other crossing yard, female laughs *IBS*
   repeated phrases, screams *TBC*, hoots, whoops, whistles, screeching, woofing
-- roaring with arms straight out to side
-- whistling back at whistling human *IBS*
-- waving back at waving hiker, in exact same way, motioning to human to come to it *IBS*
    campground shower houses, glaciers *IBS*, glacial crevasses *IBS*, tents, railroadtracks,
-- soldiers see 3 bigfoots at blast site moments after explosions were detonated *IBS*
-- walking though yard gate then looking thru window at a woman * IBS*

-- watching woman in house thru window fleeing as car arrives
-- looking into bedroom at woman and baby, staring into window at sleeping people

-- pulling back drapery and peering into bedroom window (1973-08; PA, Westmoreland)

-- looking in window while rocking back and forth *IBS
-- looking in window smiling or baring teeth *TBRC*
-- standing at kitchen window under security light,
-- shaking mobile home after looking into it *IBS*, pushing over outhouse
-- stands against window and shakes house *IBS*, beating on an air conditioner (1978-05)

-- testing window screen, hitting house, walking away, pushing and kicking door (1977)
-- hitting outside house walls, hitting side of trailer and door
-- locking eyes with person looking out window

-- locking eyes with a motorist before running away carrying something two-handed
-- hiding the moment human looks away during human bigfoot stare-off
-- peeking into deer hunter's stand *IBS*,

-- climbing steps of tree stand to look in at sleeping hunter *IBS*
-- looking into pick-up shell, baring teeth, rocking truck, nearly colllapsing shell

-- entering or attempting to enter porches, homes, interior rooms, bunkcabin,
   sheds, barns, unfinished open basement
-- going through things on porch *IBS*, looking though boxes in garage *IBS*
-- standing under eaves during snowfall looking into house *IBS*
-- standing on deck next to lit window then jumping off deck *IBS*
-- entering house by pushing door, messing up interior *IBS*
-- breaking windows and doors and tearing up inside of a house
-- breaking out thru block building wall *IBS*
-- terrorizing communities
-- getting caught in a hog trap *TBRC*
-- jiggling a gate handle
-- hiding in abandoned mine ventilation shafts, using junkyard car body for shelter *IBS*

-- crossing road behind car, crossing dirt road in back of pick-up truck

-- walking undeveloped subdivision roads

-- crossing road where creek passes through road culvert *TBRC*

-- crossing road from wheat field to bean field near treeline leading to river

-- entering drainway under road after sprinting down hill

-- looking both ways before each of two road crossings

-- stopping in road, runnning back to side, then running fully across

-- crawling thru roadside ditch, standing up, crossing road

-- getting hit and killed by car, body carted off in truck by US Forest Service and local police *IBS*
-- getting hit and killed by car, body carted off by Forest Service helicopter *IBS*
-- getting hit by truck, causing extensive truck damage *IBS*
-- getting 'nicked' by passing truck while eating roadkill *IBS*
-- bigfoot laying in road pulled from path of truck by 2nd bigfoot
-- grabbing and shaking driver's head after being hit by skidding car *IBS*

-- walking around car, then pounding car hood after horn honks

-- walking around a broke down pickup truck all night, shaking the truck twice (2 bigfoots involved)

-- beating on timber cruiser's truck causing $1100 damage *IBS*

-- 4 bigfoots attack a pick-up truck at campsite after man shoots at a bigfoot *IBS*
-- throwing rocks and sticks at moving car, bf throwing rocks off cliff at cars

-- tearing large chunks of bark from tree throwing into road *IBS*

-- thowing huge rocks onto road, reports a policeman *IBS*

-- puts rock on car hood, walks away when headlighted
-- throwing log at car, throwing branches at car stuck in mud
-- throwing dirt into car at people, throwing red clay mud at pick-up truck
-- rocking car with person sleeping inside,

-- shaking pick-up with people sleeping inside

-- shaking cab of truck with trucker sleeping inside, bigfoot rocks parked truck *IBS*

-- rocking van, kicking tires, trying doors, leaving when horn honked *IBS*
-- shaking androcking a van, shaking parked car, scaring occupants

-- rocking camper rig, then calmly walking into woods with youngin'
-- shaking and rocking RV'sand camper vehicles, turning over mobile homes *IBS*

-- rocking a boat while standing in waste deep water *IBS*

-- picking up back of parked car and pushing it

-- lifting front bumper, pulling stuck car out of ditch *IBS*
-- tips over camper with sleeping occupants

-- smashing sluiceway against tree BFF

-- juvenile following, running, behind a motorbike
-- chasing hunters, fisherman and son, children, horseridersmini-bikers, campers, dirtbiker, cars, trucks,

    four-wheelers, bicyclist,

-- chasing campers from woods every weekend *OBFRT*

-- chasing hunters to farm gate, staring them down, casually walking off into brush

-- chasing a bicycling boy down a neighbor's long driveway to the main road

-- chasing two people indoors, then staring into window

-- several bigfoots throw rocks at and chase hikers
-- two bigfoots stalk a human, following human for half mile to house

-- stalking two Border Patrol Agents

-- group of bigfoots surrounding soldiers, soldiers call for helicopter which lifts them out *IBS*

-- parallelling hiker, hiker see bigfoot upon driving away

-- following, then stepping out from behind tree in front of timber cruiser

-- female bigfoot following then charging human (1968-04; CA, Trinity)

-- several bigfoots follow a human on a dirt road, "escorting" human for 300 yards

-- screaming at a family then following them 2 miles as they walk down a mountain road

-- quietly walking parallel to a hunter then moving off when hunter approaches truck

-- follows children to edge of woods

-- many years of sightings of following people

-- following human and dog over mile and half to truck
-- following then throwing large rock at hiker

-- squatting, defecating on a trail a hiker just walked on, defecates while squatting *IBS*

-- standing and urinating while looking at back-turned human from a distance *IBS*

-- urinating 3 ft from car, looking in at just awakened, screaming human *IBS*

-- screeching bigfoot approaches family fixing flat tire
-- approaching humans: in response to humans' presence, approach, talking, other vocalizing,

    physical noise making, hand gestures, music playing;

-- attracted by chainsaw noise,
-- attracted to childrenplaying, looking from woods at children as run and yell

-- watching two girls play in unfinished house *OBFRT*, watching children sledding
-- attracted to baby crying, tries to pick up screaming 4 yr old boy *IBS*

-- watching thru screen door as boy plays with toy cars

-- watching boy on trampoline, watching boy rake leaves

-- approachig humans walking near party in woods

-- looking at people in commercial campground

-- watching noisey campers thru hillside brushes

-- campers wake up to find blonde bigfoot watching them sleep *IBS*

-- staring at boy in sleeping bag, then walks on by
-- watching two campers cooking, hiding behind tree watching campsite

-- standing behind tents watching group campers talking at campfire

-- watching campers watch it, but fleeing when 4 yr old boy gets BB gun from tent

-- smacking noisy radio off picnic table after squatting by campfire (I would smack it, too)

-- looking at items on picnic table, throws newspaper in air when camper yells *IBS*

-- going through knapsack of sleeping hunter *IBS*

-- swinging lighted sticks from campfire ("Apes Among Us" John Green)
-- running thru woods from campsite, camper was cooking food SIS
-- smelling handfull of cold ashes dug from recent campfire *IBS*
-- twice throwing a large snowball that outens campfire, third snowball was found *IBS*
-- watches mechanic grease logging tractor BFF
-- watching traffic from hillside *IBS*

-- watching air force cadets in training
-- watching humans roll boulders off cliff into lake

-- leaning against tree while watching humans with new tent in yard
-- watching a snowball fight, watching people target shooting *IBS*

-- watching man chop wood, watching men load wood onto truck,

-- watching miner pan for gold *IBS*
-- watching picnickers while trying to hide behind pond reeds

-- watching man urinate along roadside next to parked truck

-- approaching a man urinating outside a parked car

-- sniffing a tree that a man urinated on then urinating on the tree also

-- watching hunter defecate, leaving when hunter nocks arrow into bow *IBS*

-- watching woman on port-a-potty *IBS*
-- twice approaches man digging in woods, watching humans picking beargrass*IBS*

-- approaching lone backpacker

-- watching hunter while hiding behind tree behind hunter *WVBIG*
-- approaching predator calling hunter, sneaking up to human using predator call

-- responding to predator callers with angry vocals and tree thrashings *IBS*

-- sneaking up behind chainsawing logger *IBS*
-- watching farmyard from under tree, often, once for 5 hours *IBS*
-- throwingrocksathumans, throws a rock in amongst campers
-- 3 bigfoots throwing rocks at campsite untill the 40+ campers all flee *IBS*
-- throwing small rocks at occupied tents and throwing huge rocks on empty tents *IBS*
-- throws rocks at boys who return with adults, then throws rocks at both the boys and adults*IBS*
-- male and female bigfoots throwing rocks across river at canoe *IBS*
-- throws rocks at river rafters for 7 miles even rafter shoots into brush *IBS*
-- picking up rock from bottom of river while looking at bank fisherman SIS
-- throwing pine cones at two hikers in early morning campsite *IBS*
-- throwing rusty old coffee can at people near car *IBS*
-- throws tractor tire at timber cutter*IBS*
-- throwing stump and log at camper
-- throwing gravel at people on roadside
-- threatening humans by: vocalizing, pounding chest like ape, bluff charging, pursuing, breaking or
    uprooting vegetation, shaking trees, making gestures with face, hands, and arms, grabbing shirt
-- shaking fist above head at hunter *IBS*
-- shoo-ing away hunter with arm motions and grunts*IBS*
-- lifting boulder over head then setting it down after jumping fence and creek *IBS*
-- sleeping woman in camp picked up then dropped by a bigfoot *IBS*
-- touched boy's head through tent fabric*IBS*, testing tent fabric, looking into a tent
-- 2 jabbering bigfoots carry unconscious, broke-leg hiker to his wife's location *IBS*
-- carrying lost crying boy to location where parents found him minutes later
-- carrying lost boy to cave, giving berries to boy, giving creek water to boy *IBS*
-- carriying injured girl to camp, setting her on cot
-- carrying human, carring off a girl who was later found unharmed *IBS*
-- girl and young bf throw sticks back and forth to each other *IBS*
-- rushing from chicken house, swatting and knocking down farmer *IBS*
-- reclining bigfoot gets up, runs at man then hits man in chest
-- trying to pull woman out window her by leg *IBS*
-- throwing man into briar patch *IBS*, throwing man over fence

-- trapper's limbs ripped off, body beaten against tree

-- tearing man apart after man shoots bigfoot *IBS*

-- boy shoots bf, bf tore boy apart and crushed his rib cage *IBS*

-- alledgedly kill two humans, crushing bones, twisting rifles *IBS*

-- slamming 2 men against trees and tearing them apart after men shoot the bigfoot *IBS*

-- killing trapper, Theodore Rooseveldt's Bauman account

-- throwing rocks at miners, killing two of them with head hits *IBS*

-- alledgedly killing campers, investigated by BLM officials

-- killing a man and a woman by beating them against tree and boulder, leaving the child unharmed

-- male bigfoots breaks bones of men who shot at female bigfoots and young bigfoots*IBS*

-- hiker screams at bigfoot, bigfoot then kills hiker by tearing her into 3 pieces *IBS*
-- legend of bigfoot like animal killing an eating a hunter*TBRC*

-- killing animals, such as bears, wild hogs, cats, dogs
-- choking bear to death *IBS*, killing bulldog with one swipe
-- killing sea lion with 4 fists to its skull (and getting leg bit by sea lion)*IBS*
-- biting deer's throat to kill it, carrying it over shoulder by holding its muzzle*IBS*
-- getting injured by antlers while killing bull elk, carrying some meat away *IBS*
-- whacking a fish on rock, standing in river holding two large salmon *IBS*
-- 15 bigfoots harvesting salmon (2 with sticks approach 2 men, the men flee of course)*IBS*
-- eating a variety of animals, such as turtles, cats, frogs , clams, rabbits (1999-02),fish, salmon
-- digging clams near mouth of river *IBS*
-- turning over river rocks, catching and eating crawdads and mussels *IBS*
-- digging in ant mound with dirt and ants on face*IBS*
-- 2 bfs stalking an elk, following deer herd, stalking wild horses *IBS*
-- smelling ground while tracking wounded doe *SIS*, following doe to river
-- chasing deer through woods, chasing deeracrossa road,

-- chasing fawn thru yard, growling loud at girl, chasing, trampling, beating a fawn,

-- dashing from forest, grabbing fawn, dashing back into forest *IBS*

-- catching deer as fishermen watch

-- pausing from chasing deer to charge humans while roaring, screaming *IBS*

-- chasing dogs, sheep, bears, chasing and catching a cat

-- camp food raiding bf flees campsite flashlight, steals cookies from cooler

-- vocalizing loudly before entering camp and eating food hung from tree
-- steals meat frompicnic table, steals side of bacon from campfire
-- steals meat from cooler, ignores fruit and vegetables, stealing food from a van
-- raids upright porch freezer *IBS*, steals chicken, hot dogs, bread, eats them frozen

-- going through canned goods on back porch then flees when found out (1972 summer)

-- stealing lunches from timber cutter crews *IBS*

-- pulling on net full of mullet being pulled on by fisherman (1975; FL, Gulf of Mexico) *SFP*
-- tugging on net trying to get trapped salmon*IBS*
-- family of 8 bigfoots catching salmon near bridge flee when log truck nears *IBS*
-- eating fish guts left by fishermen, scooping up and eats piles of fish gut

-- fish, reeds while walking along river, 1947-05; CA
-- leap from tree to steal shot deer from hunters, stealing shot elk as hunter walks to elk *IBS*

-- steals, carries hunter's shot deer over shoulder *IBS*
-- stealing sheep from corral, carriying steer from barn during heavy snowfall *IBS*
-- bigfoot sitting under a big tree eating something, nearby sheep disturbed*IBS*
-- grabbing and killing goat, carriying it up cliff and eating it *IBS*
-- carrying dead bleeding dog *IBS*, grabbing and holding yard dog *IBS*
-- dragging dead deer by its neck from lake, dragging dead deer from under overhang *SIS*
-- dragging dead deer across road *IBS*, dragging dead deer (goat) by hind leg

-- putting dead deer in tree
-- picking up and carrying roadkill deer

-- climbs over guardrail to get dumped deer carcass scraps *IBS*

-- eating carcass along railroad tracks

-- eating or checking out very dead, black rotted, roadside deer
-- eatingroadkills, examining roadside coyote with severed head *TBRC*

-- chasing people away from dead, disemboweled roadside dog*IBS*

-- picking up roadkill from middle of road, ingnoring car

-- turning back to oncoming car while continuing to eat roadkill bird

-- digging in casino grease pit, eating food scraps from campfire pit*IBS*

-- digging thru steakhouse dumpster *SIS*
-- dumpsterdiving, visiting garbagedumps, diggingthroughtrashcans *IBS

-- very small bigfoot running from dumpster with dogs chasing it

-- digging in garbage can, bends lid, frequenting yards, stealing garbage bags
-- young bf digging thru trash bag on side of road, holding McDonalds litter along roadside *IBS*
-- digging through campsite trash bag, eating garbage in pick-up truck
-- raiding pet foodfrom container on porch, livestock feeders, and wildlife feeders

-- bigfoot coming out of shed with grain in hands and grain falling from its mouth *IBS*
-- sniffing around deer attractant stations (photos) and mineral feeders

-- two bigfoots, one juvenile, approaching, looking at couple eating lunch

-- young female bigfoot sitting eating leaves seems to smile at picnicker eating food

-- licking lips while looking at food human is eating

-- taking fruit left by prospector, 1969 summer; CA, Humboldt

-- taking food old woman leaves hanging in tree for bigfoots

-- accepting a bag of food hand-to-hand from a human

-- family of 4 bigfoots taking sandwich handouts from timber cutters *IBS*

-- accepting roasted venison, salt from hunter

-- looking into hollow bee tree, grunting at woman, then walking away

-- eating a variety of plants' parts, including garden crops and field crops,
- eating leavesoff trees, picking roadeside ferns *IBS*
- shaking a pecan tree, picking up acorns, eating acorns while sitting in tree *WVBIG*
- cracking hickory nut between thumb and forefinger
- eating corn from wildlife food plot, eating corn from a deer feeder
- eating roots of old corn stalks, newly planted corn,
- digging and eating wild onions,
- grubbing for roots in forest *IBS*, grubbing for roots in pasture *IBS*
- eating grapes, blackberries and blueberries *IBS*, choke cherries
- picking berries or tender shoots, picking berries and shoots from bushes *IBS*
- picking berries, holding them in cupped hand against stomach*IBS*
- eating apples while sitting on log, eating apples from tree *IBS*
- eating vegetables from garden, eating watermelon from garden *IBS*
- eating wild turnips along trail (2 bigfoot seen) *IBS*
-- always picking cherries from one side of orchard, human always picking from other side *IBS*
-- general foraging, looking at compost pile food scraps (while holding infant bigfoot)*IBS*
-- picking something from tree near road *IBS*
-- arms around a tree looking up
-- picking up river rocks and eating something off bottoms *IBS*
-- mama bigfoot shoo-ing along her youngin' while staring at hunter *IBS*
-- youngin' playing in snow, playing in snow and sliding down hill like an otter *IBS*
-- 2 adult and 2 young bigfoots tag chasing around through yard in moonlight *IBS*
-- 2 adult bigfoots holding hands *IBS* holding hands while walking across field
-- male and female bigfoot walking holding hands, female bf was crying *IBS*
-- male bigfoot reaches hand out to help female bigfoot while crossing river*IBS*
-- 2 adult and 2 young bigfoots burying dead bigfoot under rocks *IBS*
-- three bigfoots burying a dead bigfoot along river *IBS*
-- farmer shoots and kills a bigfoot, takes body home, other bigfoots re-take body *IBS*
-- dead baby female bigfoot 10ft up in tree covered with tree boughs *IBS*
-- throwing dust all over each other *UBRG-TBL*, washing in creek *IBS*

-- laying down in creek, rubbing red clay on self

-- rolling around in water and grass after drinking water from creek *IBS*

-- rolling around in hay field grass 15 min as if to scratch back,

-- scratching back on tree stump, scratching its left shoulder with is right hand

-- waving insects away from face with left hand

-- limping while holding its leg that was caked with a thick layer of mud

-- clacking rocks together, breaking off piece of rock, turning it and breaking off another piece *IBS*
-- using objects as tools:
    - banging two rocks together while squatting along a creek

    - tapping log with rock, tossing smaller rocks down hill
    - sitting on log, beating on log with rock

     - pounding on a dead tree with a 4 inch log
     - hitting something with a rock along creek bank
     - using a stick to separate meat from a deer carcass

- using digging stick to remove snow from bush of red berries *IBS*
- throwing a stick into a tree, as if to knock something out
- shaking a tree forcefully as if to get something down
- bending small tree to get something out, female bigfoot pulling something out of tree
- using two sticks to dig in dirt
- swinging club at deer while chasing through campfire, clubbing salmon*IBS*
- carrying a club, carrying what appears to be a large rock
- breaking branch and hitting tree with stick

-- pushing down a dead tree that two boys had just failed at trying to push over

-- charging out of camouflaged hole in ground cave then following hikers*IBS*

-- walking out of tunnel, crossing parking lot within 20ft of humans, vaulting wall into woods

-- standing in cave opening *IBS*

-- sleeping in middle of thorn thicket, loosely curled up, head on arm *IBS*

-- sleeping in small cave near RR tracks, sleeping in cave *IBS*
-- sleeping and snoring, laying on ground next to dead log

-- sleeping bigfoot sits back against tree with hands and fingers interlocked

-- sleeping in a fetal position

-- getting up from bedding spot under combine, walking away, crossing fence

-- standing with arms up and out as if stretching*TBRC*

-- pacing back and forth on ridge watch nearby hunting dogs

-- pacing back and forth along lake shore watching boys swimming

-- walking thru headlight beams of 2 ORV parked, unoccupied, with engines running

-- walking quick across road with exaggerated arm swing

-- walking across hill, using upslope arm to maintain balance

-- walking along road, walking along fenceline, walking down middle of railroad tracks

-- walking in single file
-- wallking across beaver dam

-- walking along beach thru area lighted by motor home

-- walking out of creek at full stride*IBS*, walking into creek after crossing road

-- leaving trail of dripping water on road after wading through flooded woods

-- leaving pond water trail on road

-- wading chest deep in pond slapping water

-- wading across chest deep creek with its arms in the air BOTEC

-- wading to chest deep in river flood water

-- lunging waste deep through fast 5ft deep river*IBS*

-- wading to chest deep in river flood water

-- wading in marsh, wading in lake, diving into river,
-- swimming across lake to an island, swimming across river
-- swimming under water, surfacing near shore, screaming, waving arms *IBS*

-- young bigfoot sitting on dock, kicking feet in water, dogpaddle swimming *IBS*

-- crouching in creek, staring into water, near injured dogs*OBFRT*
-- kneeling in lake, arms floating on water, kneeling by a creek
-- standing in river during shad run
-- standing perfectly still in creek looking into water for several minutes
-- jumping from tree limb into river
-- sitting in tree, jumping from trees

-- hiding in foliage up in tree

-- climbing down out of tree, screaming after hunter shoots deer

-- climbing over top of downed tree to flee to other side
-- climbing tree to continue looking at canoeists

-- sitting on stump, stands up, walks away *IBS*
-- crouching on tree, arm hanging almost into river as if trying to grab a fish
-- standing in tree over dead calves shaking branches and screaming*IBS*
-- grab tree and pull tree to propel itself forward
-- walking and using forearms to knock pines out of the way *IBS*
-- pushing large rock on cliff top above stream *IBS*
-- climbing a cliff *IBS*, climbing 8 ft wall, 1976-03; CA, Marinalt ver
-- hopping from one leg to other diagonally down embankment *IBS*
-- sidestepping down slope *IBS*
-- side steping one foot over other foot before turning to walk away from human *IBS*
-- jumping over shear bluff, walking up steep bluff without using hands *IBS*
-- loping along on all fours and standing up to view girl *IBS*
-- sprinting down a hill on bike trail
-- rolling down hill to a sitting stop, a bigfoot looks at man then ups and runs awa *IBS*
-- fleeing horse riding cowboy, evading capture, 1870; CA, Contra CostaBFF
-- fleeing wildfire smoke *IBS*, fleeing from burning trees *IBS*
-- runs out from forest fire area through hot coals *IBS*

-- scratching nose, leaping to next to hunter, growling at hunter, then fleeing
-- backing up, then walking away after hearing hunter flipping safety on rifle

-- squatting motionless to hide in open pasture JS-BSECA

-- stopping and standing still when human looks at it

-- yielding various odors (a farmer offers theories)
-- looks at stopped traffic: placid, dignified *VBRO*, passive, compasion, calm, expression
-- watching and looking at human(s) with perceived expressions of:
    unconcern, unafraid, curiosity, casualness, happy and smiling, at ease, being relaxed, wariness, caution,

    amazement, alarm, fear, terror, anger, hate, threatening, disgust, being mad, scrutiny, shock, quizzical,

    boredom, bored...indifference, startled, benevolence and intelligence, sage-like and smart

-- opens mouth, bares teeth toward motorist, bares teeth at campers

-- gasping in surprise and disbelief, staring at hunters, backing up into woods

-- looking at horserider in apparent shock

-- stares with shock, fear, curiousness, excitement

-- appearing mortified, terrified when shined by camper's motorbike head light

-- appearing sad, almost weeping, watching firefighters as forest burned

-- being suprised after accidently walking up to hunter

--while crouched down over a roadkill deer a bigfoot turns and gives a motorist a look of tired resignation

-- a bigfoot's expression changes four times as it looks at trucker

-- looking at human with curious, sentient, human-like eyes

-- knowing look on face of relaxed trail crossing bigfoot
-- face expressive, like it was trying to smile *SIS*

-- walking with a sad and serious look

-- standing in fresh felled timber, appearing amazed at new 'construction'

-- looking at two girls, it seemed non-threateing, not scared, not nervous


   Below is a list of links to reports describing some alledged bigfoot behaviors and actions which I myself have engaged in  from

   time to time.

-- twisting fingers together nervously at mid-waste while looking at humans

-- sitting on stump with glum face or expression

-- sitting on log with head resting on hand

-- walking down gravel road kicking gravel as if bored

-- sitting on log looking at ocean dragging hand thru sand *IBS*

-- standing with arms crossed on chest looking up at lightining

-- sitting at top of ledge looking out over valley *IBS*

-- staring at setting sun from canyon ledge*IBS*

List Key

1) JS-BSECA >> book: Bigfoot Sightings in East Central Alabamaby James M. Smith, self-published 2000

2) JS-ABS >> book: Alabama Bigfoot Sightings, by James M. Smith, self-published 2003

3) BOTEC >> book: Bigfoot on the East Coast, by Rick Berry, self-published

4) IBS >> International Bigfoot Society's bigfoot sighting reports database, and the monthly newsletter The Track Record from which the database was extracted, have both been sold to North American Bigfoot Search. NABS is offering for sale a CD that holds all seventeen years of the Track Record and an extensive comprehensive index of the contents. This CD is an historical treasure and a working tool.
5) TBRC >>Texas Bigfoot Research Center evolved first into the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy and now into The North American Wood Ape conservancy. I am still trying to convert hyperlinks to the new URLs.
6) The Alabama Bigfoot Website and Forums has been closed down. Its collection of bigfoot sighting reports has been given to Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Encounters website. Happy bigfoot researching Mike McLain and Tal Branco!