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Bigfoot Shootings
Not all bigfoot sightings have a happy ending.

It is often asked of me, "If bigfoots are real, then why doesn't anybody shoot one?" Many reports of bigfoot shootings are made, to law enforcement officials, and to bigfoot research organizations. I am certain there are thousands of bigfoot shootings that have never been reported to for fear of legal prosecution and social ridicule.

If the many reported bigfoot shootings are indeed true, there are a lot of wounded, crippled bigfoots out there unnecessarily "packing lead", unnecessarily suffering slow painful deaths.

Most bigfoot shootings are the result of an uneducated fear of the unknown. I believe the majority of these bigfoot shootings would have been avoided if the startled shooters had known that bigfoots are indeed real animals, could be expected to show up occasionally, and that the law prohibited harming them.
If you witness, commit, or learn about a bigfoot shooting, please report the incident to your state Wildlife or Game Department. A list of these agencies can be found on the Bigfoots and Government page of this website.

Federal and State governments should openly admit to the public that they know bigfoots exist, that they have actually collected type specimens, and declare it illegal to harm or harass them.

Primatologists, anthropologists, and biologists need to make a thorough study of the anecdotal and physical evidence collected about bigfoots. Currently, bigfoot sighting reports are officially discarded as mistaken identity events or hoax events because they are submitted by commoners instead of by paper holders. University credentialed scientists need to declare bigfoots a legitimate object of official scientific inquiry. Doing so will enhance scientists' reputations as seekers of “new” knowledge. The ultimate goal of these studies would be to protect the species through public awareness and acceptance.

Bonobo, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, gibbon, ape and other wildlife protection, rescue, and conservation organizations need to look into the problem of humans shooting bigfoots. North American members of these organizations need to divert a little of their attention away from their foreign primate studies and contribute some effort to protecting the endangered hominoids that hunt and forage through their very own backyards at night after the lights go out.
Below is a chronological list of reports of humans shooting bigfoots. Following along below this first list there is a second list which names organizations that might significantly encourage the protection, rescue, and conservation of bigfoots, our homegrown endangered primates.


1700's; KY, unknown; Daniel Boone shoots and kills a bigfoot

1800's late; AL, Winston; moonshiner shoots a bigfoot following his mule wagon

1882-00-00; CA, Inyo; man shoots bigfoot 5 times BFF
1885-00-00; NC, Watauga; gunshot bigfoot hides under leaves and brush
1890's; OR, Curry; 2 men shoot bigfoot, bigfoot slams men against trees, tears them apart, killing them IBS
1917-00-00; OK, Nowata; men shoot at bigfoot trapped in barnTBRC
1920's; WA, Walla Walla; hunters shoot bigfoot, bigfoot escapes, 2nd bigfoot throws boulders at hunters IBS
1920's to 1930's; CA, Lake; man hunted red-haired wildmen that lived in caves above lake IBS
1921-00-00; LA, Terrebonne; hunters kill bigfoot, dump in old well, skeleton found IBS
1924-00-00; OR, Deschutes; prospecter shoots a bigfoot 5 times, the bigfoot escapes IBS
1941-11-00; Canada, Manitoba; hunter kills and abandons a bigfoot
1943 winter; AL, Clarke; human shoots a bigfoot
1943-00-00; GA, unknown; bigfoot kills livestock, humans killed the bigfoot IBS
1946-00-00; PA, Lebanon; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1948-06-00; NC, Franklin; human shoots a bigfoot
1949-00-00; OR, Clackamas; bigfoot shot while eating a turkey IBS
1950 early; GA, unknown; human shoots at a bigfoot BOTEC
1950-00-00; PA, Indiana; humans shoot a bigfoot BOTEC
1951-00-00; GA, Thomas; human shoots at a bigfoot next to porch BOTEC
1956-00-00; CA, Shasta; hunter possibly shoots a bigfoot IBS
1957-00-00; OR, Deschutes; bf steals shot deer, hunter shoots bf, bf escapes with deer IBS
1958 or 1960; TN, Overton; farmer kills bigfoot
1959-00-00; MD, Carroll; human shoots at a bigfoot BOTEC
1960's; OR, Jefferson; farmer shoots a bigfoot, takes body home, other bigfoots re-take body IBS
1965-00-00; WA, Yakima; boy shoots bigfoot, bigfoot tore boy apart and crushed his rib cage IBS
1965-00-00; WY, Teton; coyote hunter shoots bigfoot in chest, it dies they abandon it IBS
1966 fall; MD, Frederick; human fights a bigfoot, reports to police BOTEC
1966-00-00; PA, Erie; humans shoot at a bigfoot BOTEC
1969-00-00; NM, San Jaun; shepherds shoot a bigfoot, two other bigfoots help wounded bigfootIBS
1969-11-00; CA, Calaveras; bigfoot shot 3 times from 30 yards away
1969-11-00; NJ, Burlington; human shoots at a bigfoot BOTEC
1970's; WA, Grays Harbor; man shoots at bigfoot, 4 bigfoots attack pickup truckIBS
1970's early; WA, Chelan; several men shoot at bigfoot holding, biting 150# pigIBS
1970-00-00; WA, Spokane; bigfoot shot and killed by hunter IBS
1970-05-00; CA, Butte; human shots bigfoot 4 times with .22 caliber rifle BFF
1971 to 1976; FL, Citrus; humans shoot bigfoots BOTEC
1971-00-00; CA, Los Angeles; bigfoot shot 4 times with a .30-.30 BFF
1971-03-00; WA, Gray's Harbor; Deputy Sheriff almost shoots a bigfoot
1972-00-00; FL, Citrus; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1972-00-00; TN, Morgan; human hits a bigfoot with brick, bigfoot chases human BOTEC
1972-06-00; TX, Rusk; bigfoot watches campfire for four minutes, humans shoot bigfoot, bigfoot flees TBRC
1973-00-00; PA, Fayette; human shoots at a bigfoot twice BOTEC
1973-06-00; MD, unknown; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1974-01-00; FL, Lee; bigfoot kills pony, human shoots at a bigfoot BOTEC
1974-01-00; FL, Palm Beach; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1974-02-00; PA, Fayette; humans shoot multiple bigfoots BOTEC
1974-05-00; NC, unknown; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1974-08-00; OK, Nowata; 2 policemen shoot at bigfoot, bigfoot runs away
1974-09-00; FL, Palm Beach; security guard shoots a bigfoot SFB
1975-02-00; FL, Alachua; car knocks down a bigfoot, human shoots bigfoot BOTEC
1975-02-00; FL, Lee; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1975-02-00; FL, Lee; human shoots a bigfoot, then repents BOTEC
1975-07-00; PA, Washington; State Policeman sees a bigfoot via headlights

1975-09-00; KS, Nowata; humans shoot at a bigfoot IBS

1975-09-00; OK, Nowata; bigfoot shot 5 times with rifle, once with shotgun
1975-10-00; PA, Fayette; human shoots at two bigfoots BOTEC
1975-10-00; PA, Washington; humans shoot at a bigfoot BOTEC

1975 12-00; MT, Cascade; hunter reports to Sheriff shooting at a bigfoot w 30.06

1975-12-00; MT, Cascade; Sheriff reports woman fired rifle "over bigfoots' heads"

1976 or 1977; OR, Linn; man shoots bigfoot, bigfoot tears apart man, heavily armed USFS helicopter evac IBS

1976-00-00; CA, Kern; man shoots a bigfoot in chest ten times with .22 rifle IBS

1976-00-00; FL, Marion; humans shoot bigfoot with .22 caliber rifle SFB

1976-00-00; PA, Indiana; human shoots at a bigfoot on porch eating apples

1976-02-00; MT, Cascade; a bigfoot flees from motorist chasing it with a .357 magnum revolver
1976-06-00; MD, Baltimore; humans capture or kill possible bigfoot BOTEC
1976-07-00; FL, Citrus; a bigfoot rolling in the sand by a yard gate is shot twice with a .22 and walks away howling BOTEC
1976-07-00; NC, Gaston; a bigfoot crossing a path leading to a creek is shot at by a man sitting on a porch BOTEC

1976-07-00; TX, Lamar; submerged bigfoot sits up in creek, hunter intends to shoot it

1976-12-00; TX, unknown: Radio Interview: human who shot, buried 2 bigfoots Part 1

1977 summer; NH, Cheshire; humans possibly shoot at a tan-gray bigfoot IBS
1977-07-00; TX, Jones; bigfoot hits human with rock, human shoots at bigfoot IBS
1977-07-00; OK, Adair; man shoots at a bigfoot eating garbage on porch, it runs away into the woods
1977-08-00; MD, Anne Arundel; human hits a bigfoot with tire iron IBS
1977-08-00; NJ, Sussex; human shoots a bigfoot, bigfoot retaliates
1977-10-00; FL, Broward; bigfoot tears human's shirt, human shoots bigfoot BOTEC
1977-10-00; PA, Westmoreland; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1977-11-00; FL, Marion; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1978-04-00; PA, unknown; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC
1978-10-00; OR, Columbia; bigfoot shot between the eyes, rolls off road, shooters flee IBS
1978-00-00; PA, Fayette; bigfoot smashes windshield, human shoots bigfoot BOTEC
1979-10; OR, unknown; a bigfoot puts hand on boys shoulder, menfolk shoot into woodsIBS

1981-11-00; FL, Taylor; bigfoot walks thru camp, flees from gunfire
1981-11-00; PA, unknown; humans throw rocks at a bigfoot BOTEC

1982 fall; TX, Cherokee; human shoots a bigfoot with shotgun, 3x, and .357 5xTBRC
1982 spring; MD, Carroll; human shoots a bigfoot BOTEC

1982-00-00; GA, Macon; human shoots a bigfoot thru bathroom wall

1982-00; OR, Columbia; fisherman shoots bigfoot, follows blood trail until losing trail IBS

1982-10-00; PA, Westmoreland; man shoots three times at possible bigfoot

1983 fall; IN, Morgan; man fires machine gun at probable bigfoot

1983-10-00;OK, Carter; human shoots a bigfoot, bigfoot wrecks house interior

1983-10-02; NC, Onslow; a bigfoot walking along the shoulder of a road ignores the oncoming car of an off duty Marine

1983-11-00; OR, Tillamock; hunter almost shoots a bigfoot, but gun was empty, bigfoot growls irrate IBS

1984 fall; PA, Columbia; human intends to shoot a bigfoot

1984; FL, Pinellas; human wants to shoot a bigfoot, friend says no SFB

1984-10; TX, Jefferson; squirrel hunter shoots at a bigfoot with .410 buckshot

1985; OK, Payne; humans shoot a bigfoot

1985; WA, Pierce; bigfoot charges humans, human shoots at bigfoot, bigfoot chases pickup truck down road IBS
1985-09-00; VT, Rutland; human throw rocks at a bigfoot, bigfoot runs away BOTEC

1986-00; OR, Morrow; wife stops husband from shooting bigfoot that was watching camp site IBS

1986-00; MT, Ravalli; bigfoot picks up salt lick an throws it, human shoots at bigfoot with .22 rifle

1986-09-15; WA, Pierce; a road crossing bigfoot stops to look at truck with 2 military police officers in it before going into woods

1986-10-20; CA, Los Angeles; a hunter shoots into bushes .22 rifle to see what is thrashing the bushes, it was a bigfoot

1987-00-00; WA, Pacific; bigfoot throws rocks at river rafters for 7 miles, rafter shoots into brush IBS
1987-05-00; AZ, Maricopa; human shotguns a bigfoot

1987-07-00; WV, Wyoming; bigfoot throws something at two humans, human shoots at bigfoot

1988 fall; VA, Roanoke; campers shoot a bigfoot 6 times with shotgun buckshot

1988-03-00; CA, San Bernardino; road crossing, motorists drive after it with pistol

1988-10-00; OR, Coos; hunter afraid to shoot bigfoot because it was too big IBS

1989-00-00; WA, Cowlitz; human hits bigfoot in chest with rock, bigfoot throws bigger rock back

1989-00-00; WA, Pierce; elk hunter doesn't shoot bigfoot, afraid of a wounded bigfoot's response IBS
1989-10-21; LA, Vernon; a hunter is afraid to shoot a bigfoot

1980's late or 1990's early; OK, Atoka; a bigfoot flees when shot with a 30.06 rifle

1990's; OK, Nowata; farmer shoots at a bigfootTBRC

1990-00-00; WA, Clark; woman shoots at bigfoot in brush near chicken coop IBS
1990-05-00; TX, Cooke; human shoots a bigfoot

1990-09-00; CA, Glenn; bigfoot possibly shot at was seen running by 2nd group of armed men IBS
1991-00; IN, withheld; hunters shotguns a bigfoot in the eyes and the bigfoot chases them through the woods

1991 summer; PA, Allegheny; a man shoots at a nearby bigfoot

1992 prior to; OK, Atoka; a bigfoot flees when shoots it with a 30.06

1992-08-00; IA, unknown; a camper fires three .22 shots towards a bigfoot walking along river and it walks away

1992-08-00; TN, Cumberland; a bigfoot starts pulling a camper from a pickup truck, the camper shoots the bigfoot

1992-12-00; PA, Indiana; a man shoots at but misses hitting a bigfoot

1993-00-00; OH, Guernsey; a man throws a rock at a bigfoot and the bigfoot throws the man into a fence barb wire

1993-05-00; WA, Clark; deer poachers shoot a bigfoot, blood is found but the bigfoot escapes IBS

1993-07-00; TX, Titus; homeowner shoots a bigfoot walking along pond in moonlight

1993-10-00; AL, Dallas; a bigfoot follows a hunter and the hunter shoots 33 times towards the bigfoot

1994-05-00; OR, Tillamock; a bigfoot is seen running from brush and along surf, man wanted shoot it IBS

1994-12-00; OR, Deschutes; hunters shoot and wound a bigfoot in leg and follow the blood trail for several miles IBS

1995 summer; VA, Buchanon; a bigfoot running downhill stops, is shot with BB guns, then runs gracefully uphill

1995-03-00; FL, Monroe; park rangers acknowledge frequent reports of specific individual bigfoots in a park

1996 summer; AL, Macon; a dog bites a bigfoot, the bigfoot hits then dog, a farmer shoots the bigfoot JS-ABS

1996-08-00; TX, Howard; homeowner loads rifle and looks for the bigfoot that watched him thru his kitchen window

1996-08-00; WA, Pierce; road walking bigfoots runs uphilll jumping logs and stumps when buzzed by low flying plane

1996-11-00; ME, Kennebec; a bigfoot falls when shot but gets up and runs away then later grunts at trailing hunter

1996-11-00; OR, Coos; spotlight hunters take long shots at a spotlighted bigfoot IBS

1997-04-00; MS, Forrest; man playing guitar on porch shoots approaching bigfoot 4 times with a .22 targe pistol

1997-05-00; CA, Mendocino; a bigfoot attacks and breaks bones of men who shot at female and young bigfoots IBS

1997-07-00; TX, Jones; a bigfoot hits a human with a rock, the human shoots at but misses the bigfoot IBS

1997-09-00; OR, Tillimook; hiker accidently shoots at bigfoot sunning itself on an outcrop

1998-10-00; VA, Madison; hiker shoots all rounds of his .357 mannum revolver in general direction of a bigfoot

1999-10-00; OR, Jackson; a hunter declines to shoot a bigfoot because it looks too human IBS

2000-01-00; MN, Hennepin; camper refrains from shooting a figure when he sees it was a bigfoot and not a human SIS

2000-01-00; OK, McCurtain; home owner shoots a bigfoot in yard, 2 other bigfoots carry it away, FBI takes hair, blood

2001-08-00; CA, Yuba; a hunter shoots while looking at a bigfoot thru rifle scope SIS

2001-10-00; TX, unknown; a gunshot startles a bigfoot lying on ground, it gets up and runs at hunter who shoots at it SIS
2001-11-00; AL, Coosa; hunter shoots a bigfoot standing under treestand, it runs away thru pasture, pond, and woods
2003-08-00; TX, Hood; a running bigfoot knocks down a human and dog, human then shoots the bigfoot
2003-08-00; TX, Walker; Police Acadamy student shoots a bigfoot in his backyard, the bigfoot escapes BFRO Rpt 7467

2003-10-00; AR, Benton; a female bigfoot gets shot by drunks at campfire in woods

2003-11-00; PA, Westmoreland; hunter shoots a bigfoot in the shoulder, it screams and flees

2005-01-00; OR, Umatilla; farmer shoots a bigfoot, the bigfoot screams, falls, gets up, and runs away
2005-09-00; MO, Dent; a farmer attempts to shoot a bigfoot

2006-00-00; OR, Klamath; a bigfoot sitting up on a cliff gets up and walks away after a human shoots at it with a .22 rifle

2006-00-00; WV, Clendenin; one hunter grabs gun from second hunter who was trying to shoot a bigfoot

2006-02-00; TX, Navarro; 1) road crossing, 2) human shoots bf twice with 30.06 and it walks away *IBS*

2006-03-15; FL, Charlotte; city planner and county attorny on a tour see a bigfoot turn from picking fruit from a tree to look at bus

unknown; FL, Sarasota; human shoots a bigfoot with tear gas gun. BOTEC

unknown; LA, Caddo; human refrains from shooting a bigfoot because it was too human IBS

unknown; LA, Desoto; dogs and a bigfoot fight, a hunter shoots the bigfoot IBS

unknown; OH, Adams; a bigfoot throws rocks at human, a human shoots the bigfoot, blood is found

unknown; OK, Le Flore; bigfoots pound on house, raid freezer, human shoots a bigfoot IBS

unknown; OR, Grant; human shoots at bigfoot that jumps out of creek and runs by

unknown TN, Jefferson; 2 humans shoot at a bigfoot

unknown; WA, Clark; man shoots a bigfoot and tries to sell it until informed of the Washingtin no-kill lawIBS

unknown; WA, Lewis; a sheriff shoots at bigfoot in a pasture, the bigfoot tears down fence while escaping IBS

unknown; WA, Skamania; a bigfoot throws rock at truck, driver shoots at bigfoot IBS

unknown; WV, Harrison; coon hunter shoots and kills possible bigfoot
unknown; VA, Buchanan; human shoots something in the dark


List Key

1) JS-BSECA >> book: Bigfoot Sightings in East Central Alabamaby James M. Smith, self-published 2000

2) JS-ABS >> book: Alabama Bigfoot Sightings, by James M. Smith, self-published 2003

3) BOTEC >> book: Bigfoot on the East Coast, by Rick Berry, self-published

4) IBS >> International Bigfoot Society's bigfoot sighting reports database, and the monthly newsletter The Track Record from which the database was extracted, have both been sold to North American Bigfoot Search. NABS is offering for sale a CD that holds all seventeen years of the Track Record and an extensive comprehensive index of the contents. This CD is an historical treasure and a working tool.
5) TBRC >>Texas Bigfoot Research Center evolved first into the Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy and now into The North American Wood Ape conservancy. I am still trying to convert hyperlinks to the new URLs.
6) The Alabama Bigfoot Website and Forums has been closed down. Its collection of bigfoot sighting reports has been given to Bobbie Short's Bigfoot Encounters website. Happy bigfoot researching Mike McLain and Tal Branco!
Bigfoot Conservation, "Save the Bigfoots"
Here is the list of organizations that might significantly encourage the protection, rescue, and conservation of bigfoots. They all do very necessary work to raise international awareness of the welfare needs and imminent extinction of other hominoid species.
Surely they could spare some effort to “Save the Bigfoots”. After all, bigfoots may be humans’ genetically closest relatives, our next of kin. We have a moral obligation to protect our next of kin, our evolutionary next of kin, our intellectual next of kin.